Aktion 23 Wniki

aphilosophisch, apolitisch, areligiös, akünstlerisch, asexuell





G. Skripto

Gypsie [to Hill]: Did you really translate erotic Etruscan poetry?

Hill: Sure, but I used a pen name. I signed it „Robert Anton Wilson“.

[A quick rap is heard on the door]</wrap>

Gypsie: I have only one question left…

Dexter: I'll get it.

Gypsie: ...what I really want to know is how can we all fit inside of a tiny little post office box?

Dexter[to Gypsie]: It's a telegram for you, from Mal2.

Gypsie: To me?

[Paper tearing]

Gypsie [reading]: „If I told everybody how they could live inside of a post office box then everybody would stop paying landlords and go live inside their post office boxes. It would collapse the building! Can you imagine, post offices collapsing all over the country, the hemisphere, the PLANET! The whole world's communication system would be destroyed. No,no, I must not say. I dare not!

# # #




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