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The Noise

Recently, the term „noise“ has become established within UoS for what might be called „subjective reality“. I would like to go into this term in more detail and try to explain what I think noise is. If we look at what we know, we see that 2 forces are facing each other. Aneristic and Eristic and these create Dynap. Let us apply this concept to noise. Let us assume that we have on one side the space Thud. This is the space of the absolute concepts, the irrefutable truth and the fixed rule. From this space results what we perceive as laws of nature. The laws of physics, but also concepts like above or below, left and right, black and white. In contrast to this, the OS is a space of anti-concept or lack of concept. Here there is no concept whatsoever except that which Phool creates for itself. It is a space of unrestricted possibility and unrestrictedness. Thud and OS are basically just 2 levels within one big one. Two conflicting extremes that are impossible to unite unfiltered. Once again the hand of Eris gives us an insight into the nature of noise and the unification of both forces.

If we see Thud and OS as two arrows strutting towards each other, we can see a small area of overlap on average. This can be seen as a space in which OS and Thud can coexist. This is the noise. Here the two spaces do not cancel each other out consistently but complement each other, overlap and create a third, albeit limited, space which we perceive as a collective but also subjective reality. Simplified one can say that in the noise one finds both. The Thud in the form of rigid, irrefutable and fixed natural laws and the OS in the form of creativity, fantasy but also in the gaps of the subatomic world or where the Thud cancels itself out like inside a black hole. There the solid structure of Thud is broken up and complemented by the absurd nature of the OS. That we understand the whole thing here as absurd or incomprehensible is in my opinion due to the strong Thuddic saturation. Or rather man is more Thud orientated which is due to his long indoctrination by the forces of the Thuds. If the OS would outweigh in its power then it would probably be possible to create things out of nothing by walking through walls and finally the whole cosmos would collapse for lack of stability which would not help anyone. So here it is again about harmony between the rooms. The graphic above does not fully illustrate the complexity of the relationship between Thud and the OS, so I am trying to create a second graphic to explain the complex interactions between Thud and the OS.

As we can see here, there is by no means a concentrated or purposeful force. There are two overlapping rooms that mix in the middle and form stable agglomerations there, sometimes more, sometimes less. A small part of the thuds sloshes into the OS and a small part of the OS into the thud. Most of it, however, combines in the noise to what we perceive as reality. This is comparable with two pieces of music that can be heard from a distance, where the one that represents the Thud may be a bit stronger, but for the listener it is certainly more melodious (due to its conditioning). These two meet in the middle of the listener and create a kind of disharmony from which a new piece of music is created. The original music is no longer identifiable for the untrained listener. That's why we also call this noise. It is not a space of its own but a superimposition of both extremes which to a certain extent cancel each other out or are superimposed by the other. Even the observer in the centre can be seen as the result of the noise, but in the position to deliberately shift his subjective perception of the rooms and, paradoxical as it may sound, to move into one of the two rooms. A shift in favor of the Thud can result in fundamentalism and rigid thinking. Unable to even begin to accept anything other than what is strictly regulated. A shift in the direction of the OS has quite the opposite effect, up to a state of denial of the truthfulness of the whole world including itself.

Comment by [email protected]

As Mr. Stardancer has already noted, the individual is actually capable to a certain extent of moving himself on the continuum between Thud and OS. While this trick is part of the Phools' basic survival equipment, the master Phool has permanently anchored his consciousness in the OS through his mental image. From this position he is able to magically manipulate the noise. This allows various aspects and parameters in the subjective and collective „reality“ to be changed at least temporarily.

Since noise, as the name implies, is permanently in motion, more permanent changes usually require enormous amounts of dynap and continuous attention. The broadcasting station installed by the DeepDiverDivision under the daring and heroic leadership of Kr!S [email protected] is one of these magical devices. Using massive amounts of Schmumengen it projects a directed and focused window to the OS, even into the regions of the Thud. Herewith we are currently still holding back a little bit in order not to annoy Graud completely.

Cabbages and gray faces who haven't had a first-hand experience with the OS, or have forgotten about it, are subject to the serious illusion that only the Thud's spy is real and real. While the cabbages are mostly on the side of the noise that is close to the Thud and can experience the OS in their dreams, the consciousness of the gray-faces is mostly deep in the Thud's spheres. There, not perceptible to the affected people themselves, it is held in place by the demons' actions.

First observations show that this has a considerable effect on the experience of dreams in the form that in the dreams of these poor souls mostly only contents from their own memory and the emotions from the waking consciousness are rolled back and forth. In doing so, only a kind of mental image of the Thud is created, which reinforces the illusion of his only true claim to reality. A liberated mind, linked to the OS, on the other hand, is able to create completely new worlds in a dream or to travel to other already existing ones.

It can be assumed that the production of DMT in the nervous system decreases the further the consciousness moves away from the OS' sphere. As a result, the affected CNS is then less able to process the information from the OS and a vicious circle begins. Furthermore the biochemical activity of the pineal gland seems to be disturbed. The UoS therefore considers a regular application of natural tryptamines or ideally dimethyltryptamine to ensure normal brain function. Interestingly, cabbage heads and grey faces seem to have a tendency towards overactivity of the left hemisphere of the brain compared to the right hemisphere. Especially the latter hypotheses offer a good starting point for the crowbar and allow the development of further techniques and methods to shift global consciousness towards the OS.

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