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Pilgrimage Sites

A pilgrimage is a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. Typically, it is a journey to a shrine or other location of importance to a person's beliefs and faith, although sometimes it can be a metaphorical journey into someone's own beliefs.

Pil‧gri‧mage Sites: place, site, that causes admirers of a certain well-known personality, lovers of a certain thing to visit Example:

the tomb of the star became a place of pilgrimage.

Discordian pilgrimage sites are places where Discordians believe they have a special effect on their development. The places do not necessarily have to exist or be accessible in real life. A pilgrimage therefore also means much more exploring the place, evaluating information, watching a film and at the end drawing a deeper insight for oneself. Once you have gained this knowledge, it is fair to say that you have made a successful pilgrimage.

Of course, there are also those Discordians who prefer to travel through all the places listed as pilgrimage sites. Most of them, however, will need a whole life or two.

Discordian pilgrimage sites thus correspond approximately to the tradition of the Discordian saints and can also be combined with them.

Idea and Origin

The idea for Discordian pilgrimage sites came from a study of the Principa Discordia which was carried out backwards at full moon. There are several texts referring to the places of pilgrimage, such as the Starfish Papers (which probably fixed the basic idea) and the text of the Holy Shrine of the fNorth (which further cemented that basic idea).

The Starfish Papers

This document is SECRET until the time of knowledge!
Pungenday, 41st day of the Aftermath in the Year of our Lady of Discord 3176
Pilgrimage sites of discordanism.

As every faithful Discordian should know, bowling lanes are sacred pilgrimage sites for us. The revelation that led to the creation of the Principia was received there. Hot dog stands are also very popular places of pilgrimage, and especially on Fridays they enjoy the highest popularity among Discordians, because Mother Eris herself satisfied her grief with the delicious buns from this shrine. The tomb of Emporer Joshua Norton is generally considered to be a high place of pilgrimage of Discordanism. Recently, a manuscript (known as the Starfish Paper) appeared in the Company, suggesting that there was a place in ancient Mesopotamia where there was a shrine to honor our Goddess and where the first symbolic Starfish was born. However, this shrine seems to be lost for us because its location is still unknown to this day.
Nedlim the Sceptic propagated once that also the Oregon Vortex is a holy pilgrimage site that every faithful Discordian should have visited at least once in a lifetime. Here pure Chaos meets Order and distorts „reality“ up to the unrecognizable.
Furthermore, followers of the Legion let it be known that there is also a holy shrine in the border area to the Country West of the East.
In addition, a very strange manuscript has recently appeared, testifying to a place commonly known as the „Lost Highway Hotel“. However, this place also seems to have disappeared.
It is rumored, however, that it can be found by those who want to find it (maybe you need the magic artifact known as the Magic 8 Ball. However, this is only cool speculation).

This information was retrieved, compiled and commented on by
Cpt. Bucky Saia

The Holy Shrine of the fNorth

A lost shrine of the Discordians, the location of which should be known at least Bwana Honolulu and Bratislav Metulevskie.

OK, speaking of sacred places… when I was a zombie hunter in the fNorth at the time, I found a small shrine after a fight against the remains of a zombie army (my predecessor had struck down his legendary 30-meter zombie there before disappearing without a trace). This shrine was guarded by a sacred man, called the Forefather of Ancestors, but speaking of himself only as the Rootsman. In this shrine I found - besides the last Dr. Eberhard antibody bomb of my predecessor to finish off the undead plague - also some disordered, sacred writings, which had been left there by Bratislav Metulevskie himself and had just been waiting for me, so to speak. The writings may no longer be there, and the sacred place is constantly changing („Gestaltung, Umgestaltung. Des ew'gen Sinnes ew'ge Unterhaltung“), but nevertheless this place is sacred - only because of its strict guarding and the constant danger (this place is located near a gate to the underworld and is repeatedly haunted by undead hordes) it is not necessarily suitable as a place of pilgrimage. Bwana Honolulu

Postcards Tradition

Tradition (from Latin tradere „to hand over“ or traditio „handing over, delivery, transmission“) refers to passing on (the tradere).

The postcard tradition is a relatively new Discordian tradition.

List of pilgrimage sites

The Lost Shrine of the fNorth is not listed at this point. It is lost and there are probably good reasons for this.

  • all bowling alleys
  • all hot dog stands (in both good and bad buns)
  • the tomb of Emperor Norton
  • The Oregon Vortex
  • The lost Highway Hotel on Interstate 60
  • Arkham, Massachusetts, probably identical to Salem, Mass.
  • Innsmouth, location unclear, definitely not identical to Newburyport, contrary to Wikipedia.
  • Dunwich, location unclear, also located somewhere in Massachusetts.
  • Interstate 60 and the towns of Renburg, Banton, Morlaw and Danver located on it. Points of interest include the Fork in the Road Motel at the fork in the road between Renburg, Morlaw, and Danver, and the Museum of Art Fraud in Renburg. (Visitors to Banton are advised to refrain from consuming Euphoria. Visitors to Morlaw should get a good lawyer).
  • The Black Hills in Maryland. While the witch's house is said to have since been found and demolished, she herself has never been found…. and the place where the house stood is said to be still magically charged.
  • … and, of course, the grave of H.P. Lovecraft (at Swan Point).
  • Southern Sandwich Islands
  • Les Cinco Muertes. Strange animals are still reportedly sighted on Nublar and Sorna….
  • the cities of Ulthar and Kadath… and the ruins of R'lyeh, Carcosa, Atlantis, Lemuria….
  • Cydonia
  • Georgia Guidestones
  • The House (of Leaves)
  • The Untersberg
  • Ingolstadt and Bielefeld
  • Eerie, Indiana
  • The Hotel California
  • The „House of the Rising Sun“
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