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A brief summary of Discordian magic

Let me explain to you the magic philosophy of UoS.

Eristic and Aneristic Waves

We believe in eristic and aneristic energy. Aneristic energy is all around you and we estimate that the world is 80 - 90% aneristically saturated. Aneristic waves are created by people we appropriately call cabbage head or grey face. These are all the humourless people, people who have some meaningless rules and want to defend them and people who want to impose their dogmas on others. Anerism is something like anticreativity, if you will. Trapped in a fixed idea unable to think outside the box. Most of them can't even help it because the aneristic waves that are created penetrate people and turn them into cabbages. There are several other sources of aneristic energy. A very simple one is e.g. a paper clip (see: The paper clip sacrifice). In this ritual you can see very well how aneristic waves can be transformed into eristic waves. The Phools just do the same thing consciously. Eristic waves are something like waves of surprise when something unexpected happens and people therefore use their own instincts to react.

This is where we come in. We have developed techniques that short-circuit a person's brain and thus enable us to release enormous amounts of energy at short notice. We call this energy „Dynap“. Dynap occurs when eristic and aneristic waves meet and „rub“ against each other. We then use this energy to cast our spells.

OS, Thud and the noise

Besides there is the Outer Space or OS for short. This one is opposite the Thud. The Thud is a level of absolute stability and fixed rules. There every rule is manifest that somebody has invented at some point. We assume that there are demons in the Thud that can be summoned. These result from the condensed properties of humans caused by the aneristic energy. The branch of Discordanian demonology has been researching this for quite some time and can show good results.

Then we have said Outer Space. A plane of absolute fluidity and what we would most likely call unbridled imagination. Nothing is constantly everything in motion. But the Phool can create and manifest constant beings or objects in the OS (see also Erismorphing). Here is also the level of daydreams and visions which we call „Lost in Outer Space“. This is a state where you forget your body completely and only exist in your thoughts. Like for example during a very boring train ride or something similar during a meditation. We haven't fully explored the OS and assume it is about the size of our universe and a little bit bigger. So the OS is mainly a domain of Erismorphing and the spiritual retreat for a Phool to work creatively or get inspiration. We have also developed some techniques to efficiently go Lost in Outer Spavce (LioS). In addition, the so-called Deep Dosers deal with the exploration of the OS through psychonautical practices and excessive drug use. Good results have already been achieved here as well.

Between OS and Thud now exists our material level. It is permeated by waves from both sides. Aneristic from Thud and eristic from OS. From this crystallizes what we perceive as subjective reality. As we said we estimate that the material world or as we call it „the noise“ is 80% aneristically saturated. What we do not tend to be already, but gives us the possibility to produce large amounts of energy with relatively little effort. The noise is the level of the material ego, so our and our physical form of existence makes it its task to explore the noise and to constantly develop techniques to work in it. Also Chaos Cargo cultists work mostly with elements of noise and the way of working here comes closest to what you could understand by chaos magic. Also theories like the discordic color theory result from observations in noise.

The Discordanism

Discordianism serves as a paradigm for us. Things like the Hand of Eris or the Sacred Chao are symbols of universal truths and laws that help us to explore noise. For example, the Hand of the Eris stands directly for the principle of eristic and aneristic energy and on a meta-level even for OS, Thud and noise itself. For us, Eris is synonymous with the universal elemental force of chaos. That is the force that everything is made of. There are some very interesting theories and treatises on this.

You probably think that we are totally out of our minds but the practical application of the theory has shown that discordic magic has a very potent effect.

I suppose this is simply because concepts like Thud and OS simply stand for fundamental human qualities. The everyday world is thoroughly human and by learning these techniques you learn how to manipulate these properties for your own benefit. Basically you could also simply say that Discordan Magic is a very simple and effective Chaos Magic paradigm. Although I tend to reject it because discordic magic techniques and traditional chaosmagic techniques are partly contradictory or even mutually rejected.

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