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Which is a fact so obvious that it seems to have escaped the attention of even the brightest and best of the controllers and policy makers whose job it is to contain all that chaos.

But it hasn't escaped the Discordians. Real reality, say the Discordians, goes deeper that a subjective view of the world through a one small window of perception.

Each view from that narrow and somewhat opaque window shows more the reflection of the viewer than the view. No one view is more 'real' than another and the greatest problems occur when one view is forcefully imposed upon another.

Another blindingly obvious observation that, again, appears to have escaped the politicians and lawmakers.

The fact is that the real view from the big clear window shows both natural order and natural chaos exists whether anyone likes it or not.

These natural events can be seen in everything from biological growth to geological evolution and while viruses and volcanoes can bring both chaos and order, it is merely our perception of the results that makes the difference between stability and confusion.

Understanding does not necessarily bring control. Understanding just brings, well, understanding.

And now every time a Discordian joke is told there should be a slight shiver of agreement.

Kerry Wendell Thornley died in November 1998 but [as far as we know] Mal-2 is holding firm to the Discordian principles.

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