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Commando Aton

Commando Aton Task
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Atonic Power

Energy derived from volatile belief elements, often associated with the release of hagioactive radiation. (Ancient Greek ἅγιος, hagios 'holy')

Aton Bomb

Can you say God-Bomb ? -Earl Harrigan

An aton bomb is understood to be a weapons technology that uses the splitting of a deity's harmonic core (a process called soinsū bunkai) to cause the rapid, explosive release of divine power. This manifests itself in the form of a rapidly expanding miniature sun that, given sufficient faith mass and proximity to a planet, eats into it, eventually engulfing the planet's core. The explosion of an aton bomb releases an enormous amount of belief radiation in addition to heat and pressure, and also weakens the surface tension of reality to the point of reality collapse (atonic effect). Special danger also comes from the hagioactive fallout, which can make whole planetary systems uninhabitable for millions of years.

For the activation of an aton bomb a special kind of worship service is needed, the so-called critical holy mass. Suitable fission materials include enriched Uranos or Pluto.

Atonic warheads are usually delivered to the target with the help of a Crusade Missile. Atonic warheads are usually pyramid-shaped and should not be confused with cubular weapons.

The aton bomb was developed in the 3120s by the priest-kings around Ramsbert Oppenhotep. The actual functioning of the mechanism was convincingly brought about when several lesser ideas of gods were pressed together under enormous pressure to form an Aton (this is also referred to as monotheisation). The resulting chain reaction released enormous amounts of energy.

A further development of the aton bomb is the hydroceph bomb based on monotheistic principles (also called the JHVH-bomb), which, in contrast to the conventional aton bomb, is not pyramid-shaped but primate-shaped, and which works by fusing several light gods into one superheavy god.

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