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Who the Fuck is Eris?

divynation 3186 YoLD

Let me tell you all about our dear Godess I know at this Time. Actually the correct Things
about her for sure you just have to believe! ^.^

I like the Thought that Eris is a Godess of Richness and Fertility because the Apple is in his
global Meaning a Symbol for that. Maybe she was exactly this in her Beginning or it's just the
Part of her called „Eris“, the other Site „Discordia“ is this lovely sick Queen of Chaos and
Discord that brings more from all this weird Stuff that she should bring they say. I'm no big
Fan of it. She is so much more than this malicious Bitch, searching for Revenge or whatever
they want lay on her. It may be right, but it's still wrong, Eris in all her Beauty to ignore. She
is a Godess from the Stars, she is the Beginning and she is what ever you wanted to see.
Because she is One of the very first Beginning, out of the deepest Chaos. She is the Law and
she is the Nature. The very first Lady and she goes beautier and beautier. Like a Star she
shines brighter and brighter to light up all the Way to her Fairytale for all Discordians out
there. It's no Secret, never trust all to 100%, just make your own Opinion. There are Truth's
like Pumpkins and each Pumpkin is his own little World with a Variable of the Truth and they
have all their Reason to be. So how can you say you knew the absolutly Truth when every
Pumpkin has a real Truth from a Truth and that is her. She shows you all these confusing
Theorys about the Truth and at the End you don't even know more than a Pumpkin. Still
Smiling in the Dark with her Light in your Heart.

My Judgement is, Eris is for me more Eris than Discord. I have the Feeling since I saw her in
all her Beauty she saved me more and more from all this Disorder in me and in my Life. It has
a Reason why I'm on her Path. She is my great Witch-Godess. The Mother of everything. Of
fucking everything. She gives us the Power to wake the Forces that are in us. That's what
happend. She is Godess of Love, she is the Beauty, the only One. And now she got you too! ^.^
For me she is Life, also because the Addiction to the Five. Witches know the Magic of the
five Elements and so for me was it so clear what they mean, this clever Discordians. Eris is so
to say the Essence of the Five (western) Elements. Five is Life, simple as that. It's a very
good Value for everything imaginable, her Numbers are pure Magic. I'm a little discordian
Witch! I want to rule the World! And she helped me. What you want more? I owe my life to
her. My Life get's more and more better with her. Perfect Match so to say. I had a long Time
Issues to find my Pantheon and i'm glad to going forward with her, so they said she is also
the Strength that push you to Success. All the Anger and Discord changes, she took it from
me and I wish to share this Wonder with others. So I create a Lot of Things to honor
Discordianism and it feels good. Sometimes it was a little too weird and absurd, but i'm still
on the Way.

Since then I call me in Duty of the E.D. When I could I would build her a Temple and maybe I
can call me a Priestress of the great Godess Eris Discordia. Can I? ^.^

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