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Meme Tagging (eng.)

Meme tagging refers to the art of creating new concepts by finding and tagging already existing individual parts (memes). If necessary, gaps are filled with material created by the artist himself.


Meme tagging was first practiced in the department for the creation of unknown or lost gods. There preferably to create a kind of pre-divine being by tagging insignificant memes (mostly with invented names). A kind of larval form. These larvae were then released into the wide world of the internet to grow and become full-fledged gods.

Probably the concept of meme tagging is much older and can be dated back to the time of the Babylonians or Assyrians.

Origin of the name

The Meme tagging probably received its name during the first tentative attempts of the department for the creation of unknown or lost gods to conjure up the same on the Internet. In this process, memes were specifically provided (or tagged) with invented names and supplemented by short contents. Meanwhile the field of activity of meme tagging has expanded so that the name is only synonymous for a number of areas that emerged from meme tagging.


Parts of the Meme tagging are among others

  Context knowledge
  Invention of old data
  Combination mysticism


Memetaggers of the department for the creation of unknown or lost gods have the following views regarding meme tagging.

  1. a system can only consist of the information that is available in a defined data pool
  2. the data pool can only consist of the data that is available for all individuals within the pool
  2.1 Thus the individual can be both a part of the pool and a user of the pool.
  3. the system is created by the individuals from the data in the pool. This is done by connecting fragments, new creations or the connection of all this by the individuals.
  4. it can be assumed that superfluous or useless data will also be added to the system in the initial phase.
  4.1 The larger the pool, the larger the potential amount of useless knowledge. However, the probability of receiving useless knowledge decreases with the size of the pool. (smaller pool less choices = greater tendency to keep everything)
  5. if the individuals are not aware that they belong to the creative group, a process of group finding will take place.
  5.1 Out of this conscious group the system is expanded either by
  a: New data and information created "artificially" or
  b: Data and information from the "primordial soup" (data pool).
  5.2 The existence of a cultivating group enables the system to exist in a stable way and thus to attract new individuals who in turn expand the system.
  5.3 The original data pool increases the more individuals (consciously or unconsciously) participate. The Internet is probably the largest data pool in the world today.

Metaphysical concepts

Some meme taggers think that there is something like an artificially created morphic field with the internet. A kind of inexhaustible pool of data and information from which one can draw and construct. This kind of meme taggers often like to look at themselves as godlike. It is postulated, that the single data fragments, which belong to the whole picture (and have to be found or created first), represent a kind of morphogenetic field, whereby Sheldrake's theories concerning the morphic field clearly cross with e.g. Turing's statements concerning morphogenetics. The concept further says, that by „tagging“ the „morphogens“ (memes) in the „Morphic Field“ (Internet) a kind of entity is created, which is defined by a conglomeration of „morphogens“ and thus is characterized by what the original memes wanted to say. The procedure was successful when individuals who are not familiar with the tagging of memes recognize this being and subsequently develop it further or stabilize it in the field. A being that has gained enough popularity through such a procedure may be able to leave its habitat.


XaTuring is the god of the internet. When XaTuring awakens he will surely search and evaluate the fragments that carry his name. Raptor Jesus spent his life as a meme. Connect the hashtags to learn his story.

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