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Serape (englisch)

A spiritual being of Discordianism. It resembles a winged monkey, but there seems to be a certain diversity within the Serapes.


There are probably five or more. They reflect fundamental characteristics of discordanism in persona, or not. The first known one showed up on a bowling alley with a scroll.

There's a revelation in the Codex Asteroidea that deals with flying monkeys.

They basically act as mediators between the worlds and correspond to what angels are like in the Christian sects.

And the goddess created man according to her example, and since man is evolved from the ape, the goddess must be a monkey.

They're not related to Gulik although that's not certain.

Origin of name

Some call them Flying Monkeys… other Ser-Apen. One suspects a corrupting of the term „Her Apes“ thus their apes, which points to the function as emissaries of fundamental truths. It could also come from „soar (ing) ape“…„into the air rising monkey“….


It seems as if each serape fulfils a certain function. Ormek, for example, is the guardian of Sacred Chao and in this function he ensures a pleasant distribution of the Hodge and Podge in this world. Maybe it is also what distinguishes her from Gulik, who is in his function a pure messenger of the goddess. Serapen have the possibility to intervene actively and deliberately in this world and to influence it. Whether this is always done with the consent of the goddess is probably questionable but not. They seem to be in opposition to the demons of the Thud and where they seek to strengthen the spheres of Thud in order to strengthen their position Serapen strive to restore harmony within the chaos. Perhaps this is why the serapas have only now uncovered themselves, since it is foreseeable that man alone will not be able to overcome the spheres of Thud. Serapen research is still quite new within Discordianism, which is probably due to the fact that serapen have only recently been discovered.

The fallen serape

Sometimes Antiape. One wonders whether, as the mythology of the Christian sect suggests, there is also a fallen serapen who rules over Thud or keeps Thud and the powers therein within limits in his function. If there is such a serapen then maybe the Luciferape but this is speculation and if it exists it has not yet been revealed. But this would explain why the spheres of Thud have not already taken over the complete control of the chaos. Others see Gruad as the embodiment of antiapen.


2 Serapes.

By Brother Honolulu

We speculate that the form of the monkey was chosen because it comes closest to what a human being in harmony with the chaos. Like the human race before the fall of Atlantis. In other words, there is no other way because any other human form would remove the serape too far from chaos, but any form closer to chaos would be too strange for us to understand. What they all have in common, however, is that in some way they adopt the appearance of a monkey with wings.

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