Aktion 23 Wniki

aphilosophisch, apolitisch, areligiös, akünstlerisch, asexuell






Dieser Artikel würde sich sicher über Inhalt freuen. Zumindest, soweit ich die Psychologie von Artikeln beurteilen kann.

Die Golden Apple Youth Erisian Resistance ist eine Diskordische DisOrganisation, die sich vor allem auf eine Modernisierung des Diskordianismus, Gender-Themen und Shitposting spezialisiert hat. G.A.Y.E.R. ist vor allem auf tumblr tätig und tritt auch unter Namen wie Gayeris oder G.A.Y.E.S.T. (Golden Apple Youth Erisian Strategic & Tactical) auf.


This is the central-locational dynamism of GAYER, the new and most rapidly growing Discordian faction focused on making the world GAYER today!

Members of GAYER are among the Erisian elite and GAYEST (Golden Apple Youth Erisian Strategic & Tactical) militants in all of Discordia!

We, the GAY, believe that the human experience is extremely varied and deeply personal. We align ourselves against the rejection and dismissal of identities and expressions outside oppressively defined norms. In the parlance of Discordia, Declare Yourself What You Wish!

The GAYEST faction seeks to unleash the chaotic force of human creative potential by organizing against oppressive power structures that systemically limit Popes like you and we, near and far, past and present. Think For Yourself, Schmuck!!

The Golden Apple Youth Erisian Resistance will be organizing in the coming gay days so don’t waste a homoment … Stay Tuned!!

In the memetime, consider how this Gonzo Chaos Religion has affected you spiritually, ideologically, aesthetically, and however else, but most importantly: earnestly and personally. Mark up the pages of your Erisian literature. Nothing is true. Everything is submitted!!

Share and reflect, love and laugh, with the hashtag #gayeris

We GAYER seek to use this blog to:

  1. Increase awareness about Discordianism
  2. Publish/promote GAY Discordian Works including:
    • Original contributor writings
    • Original contributor art
    • An open, modern Principia Discordia
    • An open, modern Illuminatus! series
    • A lot of 5’s and 23’s
  3. Organize the GAYEST member projects
  4. Shine stunningly in contrast to white cishet disco
  5. Have fun and be ourselves

– God Spoke to Me of the Future – – And She Said That It was Gay as Hell –

Get GAYER today!! (Penned by A Prince, 10/2014)

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