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aphilosophisch, apolitisch, areligiös, akünstlerisch, asexuell




Experiential Cuil

A given Cuil Point is experienced at a particular Cuil level by a given person. This is experience defined as a moment's Experiential Cuil, typically shortened to just Cuil for that person. A person's Experiential Cuil level fluctuates from moment to moment, so a person's Average Experiential Cuil level is defined as the mean average of that person's lifetime of Cuil Point Experiences or any other length of time or space.

  • (ex.) My 5-Year Average Experiential Cuil level is 0.4‽.
  • (ex.) My 4-Month Average Experiential Cuil range for 5ºN,69ºW was 0.3-0.45‽ (adjusted for extremes).
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