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The Selfirritation Of Phools Task
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The Selfirritation Of Phools

Also known as the phools charge or just charge. a basic techinque which any phool should master.

The technique of the charge

The selfirritation is essential for the phool, to raise his energys and to do really „Good Heavens!“. The higher the degree of selfirritation, the more connected is the phool with the outer space, and the higher is his eristic energy and first and foremost his creativity, which is imperative for a phool, if he wants to create better foki, create better rituals and become better in a very general way.


the phool irritates himself, starting to write down what ever soggy farts shoot in his head, as a preperation. this raises the eristic energy in himself, can lead to lightning over time, but has a postive impact on the de-minded state of the phool. on the other hand he must learn, to act spontaneous and to surprise himself, but this works just if he reaches a certain degree of selfirritation. a third accessorie is the engagement with strange things, to foster his own madness. A good opportunity is f.e. to expose oneself to lovecraftian storys or a visit of the loal sanatorium, where the phool ends up anyway sooner or later.

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