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The Dumb-boo

The Dumb-boo Task
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Also dumbboo, dumboo or dumbo named, referres to a form of magic enchantment which every phool should master. Goal of a dumb-boo is to mess with a cabbages, using his dumbness so that he will be terrified about his own actions presented with fait accompli. Of course the aspect of self-enrichment is nothing to sneeze at.


The dumb-boo is used to purge an area of cabbages, which have created an aneristic bloque. At the same time, the dumb-boo serves to dissolve the bloque and in the ideal case make the cabbage to radiate a small amount of eristic energy. Also the dumb-boo is an opportunity to to amuse oneself at the expense of others comical.


On the other hand the dumb-boo can be achieved without any volition of someone involved, when a cabbage is demented about a selfthinking human being, because he thinks it is impossible to use ones mind without the help of an authority. In his dementedness the cabbage searches for some explanation that is undestandable for him, even if it is almost impossible to get this explanation in line with reality. That leads to the cabbage trying to make reality be in line with the explanation, which may result in bizar actions.

The racoon trick

An enchantment which every phool should master and which is a classical dumb-boo ist the racoon trick. At this you suggest a cabbage, that an object of is needed to accomplich an act of ultimate importance for all involved. Premise for the trick is the creation of a situation which makes the cabbage panic a little. Because an aneristic bloque wont be helpful for operating with discordian magic, the concerning cabbage is instructed to get an object that in the actual enviroment is somehow hard to find. The phool controls the absent of the person threw the assumed availability of the object (finding a pick in a restaurant is easy. Finding one in a park should take a much longer time). When the cabbage returns with the object, the phool uses it not like he announced befor to dissolve the situation, but declares he had a completly diffrent problem, which was solved threw the help of the cabbage (wow thx for the pick, that salad between my teeth annoyed me a lot). Sometimes the racoon trick is just used for the amusement of the phool. The term Racoon trick is named after an incident, where Rocket Racoon ordered an artificial leg while doing a jailbreak, getting it and than exhilarate about someone going for the artificial leg although he certainly didnt need one.

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