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Principles of discordian magic

Principles of discordian magic Task
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Be like the children they said. Maybe? Why not!.

Further explanations to the discordian magic from

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What Phools do

One of the biggest falsities of modern magic is assumeing that discordian magic works similar to a classical school including chaos magic. Discordian magic gains strength threw the eristic and anersitic energy and the last is everythere, while the first one is easy to create if you know how to. The Phool knows that. Because of that it is false to assume discordian magic needs meditation or gnosis. The Phool enters threw In-sanity a state of madness, in which he can perceive and channel energy. Because all illuminated discordian labour under some sort of In-sanity and Phools even more, is it easy for the to channel these energys.

Discordians and Phools

Discordians discriminate from Phools, that they are somewhat conciousness about the eristic energy they emit, but dont use it that purposefully. When a discordian uses his eristic energy, most of the times he dconfuses others to illuminate them. Even discordian dont understand sometimes what Phools are speaking of, because they think its enough to illuminate enough humans to solve the problem of the aneristic energy. So you could say the classical discordian pope is a user of spiritual energy. But Phools use this energy actively. The notice which objects generate the appropriate energy and know how to manipulate it skillfully. Also a Phool can design situations that generate eristic energy, which he then can use. The more eristic energy a Phool can generate, the more powerful he is.

Volatility of eristic energy

Wir leben in einer nahezu aneristisch gesättigten Welt. Eristische Energie ist in diesem Medium sehr flüchtig sofern sie nicht durch Objekte oder Orte gebunden wird. Ein empfangsloser Fernseher in einer unordentlichen, dunklen Wohnung z.B. ist ein wundervoller Fokus für eristische Energie, warum auch immer. Im Normalzustand (Norm) existiert soviel aneristische Energie das eristische Energie innerhalb von Minuten wieder verschwindet. Phools sind in der lage die Energien noch ein wenig länger zu halten und diese gezielt einzusetzen. Ausserdem sind Phools sowieso in der Lage durch einfach Akte des Chaos und der Verwirrung genügend eristische Energie zu produzieren die sie dann für sich nutzen können. Man könnte daher sagen Phools produzieren ihre eigene Energie.

We live in an aneristc matured world. Eristic energy is in this medium very volatile, if it isnt bind by objects in certain places. A singnalless TV in a messy dark flat is a wonderful fokus for ersitc energy, for whatever reason. In the normal state there is so much aneristic energy, that the eristic energy evades in a matter of minutes. Phools can hold on to these energys a bit longer and use them pointedly. Beside that Phools can anyway produce enough eristic energy threw acts of chaos and confusion, that they can use for themselves afterwards. So you could say, Phools produce their own energy.

The fallacy

And this is the fallacy of classical systems. We dont bucket from a source beyond. We are the source. We can prdouce our own energy and that when and wherever we want and everything what we need is In-Sanity. And this power we shall sacrifice for a discordian illuminated mankind?


A short list of explanations of some things, that let you understand the text better.

  • In-Sanity - A state in which the Phool is and in which he permanently emits eristic energy. He is literally in-sane. This state complies according to the norm a certain kind of madness. The Phool should be able to control the madness though. But a built-up excess of in-sanity can lead to some unexpected discharges by the Phool. It is recommended to freak out in a controlled manner as a Phool, to avoide such unexpected discharges. The Phool moves his worldview to archieve this state. In-sanity is also the amount of eristic energy a Phool can produce. The bigger the In-sanity, the more eristic energy the Phool can use. In-sanity is used for magic also, which leads to even more eristic energy. Regularly this happens threw small acts of chaos and confusion. The anarchistic/aneristic school is propably associated with this.
  • Eristic focus - An object that permanently emits a certain amount of eristic energy. Generally holds the mor in-sane ore confuse a thing for a norm is, the more eristic energy is emited. Norms which are too long in the sphere of activity of the focus deaden it with an aneristic block, or begin to emit eristic energy themselves. Something strange in the bottling jar seems to be a good focus afterall. Phools create with such objects an enviroment of eristic energy, with which they can work fine. In every Phool Pool there will be a focus for sure. Phools are attracted by these kind of objects and tend to hoard them, what leads to even more eristic energy.
  • Aneristic block - A Norm which gets overpowered by eristic energy produces sometimes an anersitc block. The aneritic energy agglomerates around him as a defense response and he becomes immune against eristic actions. Many Norms cant help it. Such a block is the natural reaction from a human, that grew up in an aneristic enviroment.
  • Aneristic artefacts - Oddly there have been some agglomerations of aneristic energy in our times. These agglomerations stick on recurring artefacts. These artefacts are mostly totally standard things and every Norm and a lot of Discordians wouldnt even percieve the energy they emit. The paperclip is a classical example of an aneristic artefact and every Phool knows, that wherever there is a lot of aneristic energy, much of it can be transformed into eristc. In the case of the paperclip that happens if it is transformed into a straigthened paperclip.
  • Eristic Shock - An eristic shock denotes a suddenly occuring state of complete confusion, after you have been charged with an overdose of eristic energy or chaos. It can lead to complete incapability of acting. A good Phool can cause an eristic shock by a person. That can be done in two diffrent ways. First there is an act of utter shenanigans that has to be as big as a running statue of liberty. The second option is a chaining of smaller acts to potentiate the energy. Notice that eristc energy is very volatile, so the acts have to be done consecutively fast, so that the eristic energys can pile.
  • Aftershock - The aftershock or the time where the Ju-Ju is pretty strong. After the state of shock is reached, a classical aneristic situation is evoked directly. That serves the purpouse, that the brain of the person perceives the only tangible „normal“ situation. This leads to an aftershock, in which the person can get lost in small amounts of uncontrolled aneristic energy. Here you step in and lead the aneristic energys in the desired direction. Also and prescisely by working with the available conditions and rolepatterns of the brain. As an arrangement think of the (fearful) disciple and the (authoritative) teacher.
  • Phool Pool - A Phool Pool denotes, as implied by the name, a gathering or convention of Phools which is often of more spontaneous nature. The Phool Pool is therfor the same as all the other magical cycles or organisations. The biggest diffrence is that a Phool Pool can happen in a swimmingpool once in a while. Phools arent that strict. For them every location is ok for detaining a Phool Pool. Phool Pools are also a good opportunity to freak out and degenerate often into uncontrollable strong discharges of eristic energy. Maybe this was also intended and Phools emit their energy into the word and at the end everyone is welccome in the Phool Pool even if he isnt a Phool.
  • Freaking out - Freaking out is a pretty complex, only Phools known technique for discharging ersitc energy. Phool Pools are good for freaking out as you are among yourselves. While freaking out the Phool lets his intuition run wild. Freaking out is occasionally interpreted as a subdomain of the vakuumagic and is associated with the school of emptymagic, as a Phool should condescend every (in)sanity in his head so that the skull is empty. Freaking out happens preferably at orangedown the emblem of the disapearing of something. Larry is a welcome demon on such days. It is necessary because a Phool that couldnt do magic a long time from time to time will freak out to get rid of the overkill of in-sanity. Else the discharge might happen in an eristic lightning. The more powerful a Phool, the more he has to freak out if he cant do magic. Older Phools like to freak out in a meditation for instance.
  • Ersitic Lightning - If a Phool has overcharged he might produce erstic lightning. These are sponteneaous ersitc actions by the Phool. Because he cant control them, they might create unpleasent situations.
  • Phools Garden - The retreat of the Phools. Where you calm down and relax. A safe, magical place. Phools Garden is so arranged that the Phool is comfortable. That includes often the existens of some to many eristic foci. With their help a moderate climate is archieved in Phools Garden between the energys. Phools Garden is therfor the sacred chao in one place.
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