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The Outer Space Task
Assigned to:fehlgeleitet

The Outer Space

A term for some kind of dimension in which all possibilities exist at once. The dimension of the non-existant. In the outer space it is raining socks, but from bottom up ans when they reach top than tehy will condensate to purple elephants which tear in all directions. If two elephants collide shmoo is created or shmoo-particles, which leads to the outer space being a homogen jiggery-pokery saturated space. A phool on the highest level may reside there once in a while, for doing certain things…

Phools and the Outer Space

Phools see the outer space as the place where purple elephants live and socks manifest which disappear in our world. Phools belive that the energy is send in the outer space, there it is directly condensated into things that shouldnt exist like flying toasters. Because of this it isnt possible to get back the energy, once it is send to outer space. In general the outer space is a dumpster for most phools for anything you dont need. That is true for energys as for guilt feelings or inhibitions. Also the phool believe that the classical magical systems get their energy from this dumpster.

Energy and the Outer Space

Because energy in the outer space is de facto nonexistent, its not of intrest for the Phool. Now there are attempts that consider to transform the shmoo of the outer space in a more energetic form, to make it useful again. Basically this is possible, f. e. if the shmoo of a flying toaster is used for confusion. Out of this confusion again the phool buckets the eristic energy which he uses for magic.

After all though: In the outer space there is no for the phool really reasonable useful energy. Instead it seems like the phool himself is the highest concentrated form of eristic energy in the outer space.

Benefit of the Outer Space

Like already mentioned the outer space for phools is first of all a dump. But because all threads link together and Phools arent dumb they know, that you can use the dumbster to inspire yourself and others. A Phool could for instance create an eristic focus by consulting the outer space. From there he takes the craziest impressions respectively the shmoo back to earth and constructs the focus out of them. Also as mentioned the outer space can be used to „recycle“ energy. That means converting shmoo out of the space into useful energy. Also there is a very tiny chance to use the outer space to divine with its help, that means to scry or to prophesy. This phenomenon results also in the fact, that in the outer space all threads of possibilities cross each other, so that the Phool sees which perspectives present itself to him. At the end of the day the outer space remains the dumpster of all phools.


Shmoo is a label of the Phools for the material which the outer space is composed off. Every object in the outer space is of shmoo. Shmoo arises out of energy, which cristalizes as socks in the outer space and there condensate to purple elephants, which dissolve themself to shmoo.

Lost in Outer Space

If the Phool reaches a certain degree of de-mentedness, sometimes it happens that he decided to wander the outer space exclusively. For him this place is the paragon of all joy he can imagine. These phools are called master phools. they left anything behind that could hinder them and exist just away for themself and reach anything they wish.

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