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1:REALIZATION-Before one can truly be divine one must REALIZE that YOU are, and that WE are all divine.

2:UNDERSTANDING-Once REALIZATION has taken place, one must UNDERSTAND what it means to be DIVINE. To answer that one must look long and hard within.

3:WILLPOWER-After UNDERSTANDING one must have the WILLPOWER to do what is necessary to achieve ones DIVINITY.

4:IMAGINATION-Maybe more important than WILLPOWER. IMAGINATION is what gives us that spark of DIVINITY in the first place.

5:WISDOM-The most important aspect of them all. WISDOM is what guides us in using our DIVINITY properly. It also dictates when to use it. With WISDOM there is LOVE, and that is what truly makes us DIVINE.

In the Cards

Yahweh peered at Eris over His cards.
„Why do You suppose,“ He asked meaningfully, „that I always seem to attract so many ladies? See and raise five.“
„The same reason so many men are drawn to Me,“ She replied absently. „No one wants to think that their sex is responsible for reality. See Your five and call.“
is responsible for reality. See Your five and call.„ „It has been said that there are many rooms in My mansion,“ Yahweh boomed confidently, „But Lo! My house is full. Queens over Jacks, m'Dear.“
„Four fives. . .“ Eris began, then paused. „Oh, no,“ She corrected Herself. „Oh, that's much better.“ Eris hurriedly switched Her cards around, a smile spreading across Her face. „What is the difference,“ She asked excitedly, „between two Fools and a King?“
excitedly, „between two Fools and a King?“
„Er,“ Yahweh responded, a bit flustered, „A crown?“
„Not quite, but that's the guess I would expect from You,“ Eris replied, laying down Her hand, „As you can see, there is no difference. Kings over fives, by the way. A winning hand and a new twist on an old puzzle. Oh, I am hot tonight. You've gotten around to the whole night/day thing, right? Oh, You must have or You wouldn't be resting, I suppose.“
Yahweh looked down at Her hand, astonished and even more confused. „But there weren't any Jokers in the deck!“ He managed.
„Oh, Hon,“ Eris said, smiling a bit sadly as She gathered Her winnings from the center of the table, „There are always Jokers in the deck.“


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