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- Operation Mindfuck Information -

Discordians are puppets and perverted dwarves

Apocalyptic thinking as a moral imperative in the 21. century.

Discordians are puppets and perverted dwarves. In exactly the same historical moment where global capitalism shows to be without alternative, it shows to be no alternative itself. The only option is to wait for the inevitable complete doom of humanity. Different from post-modern „calmness“, which is about acheiving an inner distance while you go on doing what you did before, this is about acheiving an inner distance without going on doing what you did before. If you knew that in few years, the world and everything around you will inevitably burn itself to ashes, would you really want to spend these years doing a lousy job which you know will lead you nowhere and which's significance you never understood? Wouldn't you rather enjoy your time watching TV, playing a computer game or reading some good books? Wouldn't you rather eat all day, consume unhealthy sweets, smoke, drink booze and consume drugs in order to get as much enjoyment in the remaining time?

This is not an advertising for food or pharmaceutics. The ideological consciousness of post-modernism has sent us on more and deeper guilt trips than any of the religions, churches and popes ever could. Yes, you were told to consume, to enjoy yourself, you were even ordered to, but at the same time, you are told how unhealthy everything is and how much it will ruin your health. Therefore, they sell to you products deprived of their substance: Coke without sugar, sausage with reduced fat, movies without plot, computer games without fun, sex without intimacy, internet without porn and spam, wars without victims (at least on our side), language without significance. Therefore, they write on your cigarette packages in a mind-gappedly distanced bureaucratic languguage that you will die tomorrow. But what if tomorrow everything burns? What if tomorrow the piles of trash we Americans and Europeans produce grow too big for Africa and Asia to contain, and they reappear on our own doorsteps?

There is no such thing as „unhealthy“. There is no such thing as „harmful“. Either something is forbidden or it isn't. It's not „all your decision“: The decision has already been made, and you are only symbolically allowed to speak, under the condition that you share and affirm the pre-made decisions. Those who do not assimilate are psychically destroyed by a bombardment obscene, deliberately ambiguous commands and messages. What remains are arbitrarily ductile „human ressources“, who have to adjust their personalities to the actual necessities of the employment market. Capitalism succeded in the very project that eastern Socialism has always failed in: human life degrades to mere „human material“ whose blood and bones, innermost biological and social essence is used by small elites of decision-makers, media, information technocrats and pharmacy concerns to build whatever they want from it. Soon, great corporations will have privatized and copyrighted the DNA and with it the very language in which your body is written: the legal grounds for that are already in the making. These corporations will then possess the intellectual property on your body.

Not even a blind man can fail to see that all this doesn't have a future, that it's bound to doom and fire and flames. There is no solution and no alternative, so don't even begin searching for one. You can also forget religion as an easy way out: At the end of this apocalypse, there will be no rapture of the righteous into the kingdom of heaven, and you aren't one of them anyway. There is only inevitable oblivion and eternal darkness at the end. The only thing you can do is lean back with a glass of wine in one hand and a joint in the other, enjoying yourself while the beauty of the fireworks flashes by. There is no need to take care of your physical or mental health, for your body and mind aren't your own any more anyway. Because Discordians are puppets and perverted dwarves.

Have a nice judgement day.
Subcommander Tarvoc, Decurion of the Legion of Dynamic Discord.

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