Intermittens 12

Offizielle und... weniger offizielle Ankündigungen.
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Intermittens 12

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Drill hat geschrieben:Calling all creative spags, again!
We're putting together an Intermittens (a web-published magazine of Eristic a-musings), and we could use your help to do it!

The theme this time is road trips and travel, both literal and metaphorical. We're taking a pilgrimage to a holy site that may or may not exist yet. The hope is this will be a more contemplative counterpart to the previous edition's hellraising.

Send submissions to me over DM, or find us on discord:

Submission deadline is 50 Discord 3187 (3 May 2021). Late submissions may be accepted, but don't count on it!

All work must be released under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license (

Please keep submissions to at most five pages, unless you want to send us a collection of junk to pick and choose from like a hotel breakfast buffet
Wenn ich schon der Affe bin, dann will ich der Affe sein, der dem Engel auf's Maul haut. XD
‒✴△♀ ✴ө△ʘ!
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